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Joel’s Okie Comeback Nebraska Greenheads
            “Joe, I hit the field this am and ran my typical less than a dozen decoys for more realism.  It wasn’t long 
        for my Pit Guide short-reed call to deliver multiple geese landing within my decoys.  My coffee was still 
        warm with a spent shot shell in the cup, took one drink and finished up with my last bird.  Thanks for this
        hand crafted and affordable call with its great tonal qualities, it’s a win win for me and has its permanent
        loops on my lanyard.”       Austin DeWitte . . . Webster, South Dakota

            “I have had a Big Suzie duck call on my lanyard for almost 30 years.  Very few call makers can match the 
        excellent sound quality, workmanship and beauty of his calls.   J. A. Kolter calls also bring top dollar year
        after year at my five local DU banquets.” H. Johnny Starbeck . . . Ingleside, Illinois
Saskatchewan Geese Austin’s Group Effort
            Bill Krido in 1992 phones from Carlyle Lake, Illinois area and says that they are all great callers on the
        lake but they could not get the ducks in like I could with my new call.   He then sends his hand carved 
        hollow teal decoy and inscribes on the bottom . . . To J. A. Kolter   “Thanks for the best duck call.”

            In 1995 John Peterson from Des Moines, Iowa says he received one of my goose calls as a gift from his 
        wife, and sends a hunting photo and writes on the back . . . “Joe, I called these in using your Big Honker 
        goose call near Quill Lakes, Saskatchewan, Canada.  I’m the grinning idiot with the nice looking call.”
Bart’s Strutmaker Results Matt’s Santee Hail
            “When I decided to get into duck hunting in 1993 the best advice I received was to learn to call with a 
        hand crafted functional call with full range.   I paid a little extra to get a quality J. A. Kolter call as my first
        call.   He is clearly a perfectionist.   And it shows the way each call is hand tuned to give the sound you
        need to get ducks right in your face.”   Brad Roberts, Winsor Outdoor Adventures . . . Marion, Iowa

             In 2006 Kevin Hampton from Daly City, California writes . . . “As a serious caller and collector, I believe 
        that J. A. Kolter’s duck and goose calls are among the finest custom calls currently made.   His calls have 
        clear sharp lines and a clean finish achieved only by a master craftsman.   The superior tonal quality and 
        range of his calls results from his meticulous care, which makes using his calls as much a pleasure as 
        collecting them.”
Wit’s Pit Guide Bonus Bart’s Trumpeter
            “Hi Joe, I thought I should share this story with you.   I was out turkey hunting this Saturday with a 
        buddy in one of my favorite spots.   We did not get any responses at all using our box and slate calls.
        So I broke out my Strutmaker yelper and started getting a response right away.   A half an hour later we
        had about 18 turkeys in the decoys just 14 yards away.   I don’t know what it is but at times your yelper
        is all they want to hear.   Thanks.”      Bart W. Willis . . . Milbrae, California

            “Mr., Kolter,  I recently received a pintail whistle from you, and more than happy with it.   It truly sets
        me apart from the other callers out there.   I put it to the test and pulled down the first flock of pintails 
        quickly to within 30 yards.   After a while I decided to play with them a bit, pull them close, then they 
        would lose interest and turn out several hundred yards away, and then I’d hammer them with this whistle 
        and right back they’d come.   Good times and thanks.”      Rey Enriguez . . . Tampa, Florida 
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