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“Lifetime custom made hunting calls for a reasonable price”.
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Price List

MARSH (SM) Lower volume small bore call with hand engraved signature band $62
CUSTOM (SC) Mid range call with engraved signature and grooved band $79
CUSTOM D2 Matched fancy wood barrel and insert with delrin tone board $89
LIMITED (SL) Higher volume call with engraved signature and grooved band $95
LIMITED A1 Full range with stabilized fancy wood barrel and acrylic tone board $122
LIMITED A2 Stabilized fancy wood barrel and insert with acrylic tone board $125
LIMITED M2 Stabilized fancy wood barrel and insert with micarta tone board $125
SPECIAL SERIES (SS) Full range laminated or stippled call with double grooved band $102
SPECIAL (SX) Unbanded collector grade laminated call with inlaid accents $122-$252
DOUBLER (SD) Easy blowing large bore double-reed call with engraved band $82
ACRYLIC (SA) High volume acrylic call with signature and double grooved band $132-$150
CORIAN (CL) High volume laminated Corian call with signature and grooved band $128
REFUGE MIGRANT (RM) Yearly re-designed limited numbered made call $62-$82
WOODIE (WD) Unbanded two piece wood duck call with engraved signature $45
WHISTLER (DW) Fixed pitch teal/widgeon, drake mallard or pintail styles $35
FIELD (HF) Mid tone and volume long-reed call with engraved signature band $65
CLASSIC (HC) Higher tone and volume long-reed call with double grooved band $78
CLASSIC (CX) Fancy wood long-reed call laminated with stippling or inlaid accents $92 - $122
WORKMAN (FW) Shorter flute design with engraved signature band $112
CHAMPION (FC) Fancy wood higher volume open water flute with grooved band $132
GRAND(FX) Mid tone flute with stippling or laminated accents and grooved band $162
GAVELER (HG) Short-reed call with hardwood tone board and signature band $79
PIT GUIDE (HP) Short-reed call with composite tone board and grooved band $92
PROVER (HX) Fancy laminated, stippled or accented short-reed call $122
SNOW - SPEC (HS) Snow/Blue or Specklebelly call with engraved signature band $82
BIG HOOT (BH) Barred or Great Horned keg style owl hooter call with signature $58
TIMBERLINE (TT) Mid sized laminated turkey box style call with signature $82
BIG YELP (TY) One piece turkey yelper with engraved signature $38
STRUTMAKER (TS) Shorter style, often laminated and banded turkey yelper $48
TRUMPETER (TL) Long fancy laminated and banded trumpet style turkey call $105
HENPECKER (TP) Pot and Striker style turkey call with 12 ga. cap inlay $92
SERVANT (CS) Standard grade crow call with engraved signature bands $42
CENTURIAN (CC) Crow call with custom hardwood tone board assembly $82
DAISY DOVE (DD) Mourning dove call laminated with engraved signature $52
BUCKSKINNER (DG) Two piece whitetail deer grunt call with expander tube $82
BIG WAPITI (WE) Cow elk call with stippled band and engraved signature $48
LANYARDS Single or double high quality braided nylon, free with purchased call $3
CALL BAGS Custom sized double draw string bags, free with purchased call $3
CAMO HATS Various camo patterns with fully sewn logo in three color combos $15
T-SHIRTS Font transfer logo designs in three colors, available in L, XL, and 2XL $15
CALL STANDS Single or double duck and goose stands, wood base with Corian top $15-$30
RETUNE PACK Custom tuned for your duck call, 3 different reed cuts and 1 cork $5
REFURBISHING Includes call repairs, refinishing, retune, and return shipping $35
Calls are sent USPS first class or Priority Mail. Shipping and Handling is $8 for the first call and combined thereafter for any other additionally calls purchased

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