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Wild Turkey Calls

Yelpers Pots & Strikers Box Calls
YELPERS:   Shown left to right above – The BIG YELP (model TY) is a field grade one piece wood yelper
with a brass sounding tube and hand engraved signature.  STRUTMAKER (model TS) is a smaller two
piece yelper often laminated with initial engraved metal band.  The TRUMPETER (model TL) is a longer
trumpet style call made from fancy laminated or stabilized dyed woods, banded with delrin mouthpiece.
POTS & STRIKERS:   The HENPECKER (model TP) is made in both field grade and a custom model.  Made
from select pieces of domestic and foreign hardwoods. The custom model has an inlaid 12 ga. spent
shotgun cap and often has a perimeter stippled section.  Matching strikers are included.
BOX CALLS:   The BIG BOX (model TB) is being discontinued, available in short supply will be my mid
sized box, the TIMBERLINE (model TT) is laminated only from proven performer scratch box woods.
It has two different tonal side rails, has an adjustable paddle and a hand engraved signature.
Locator Game Calls

Crow Calls Dove Elk
CROW CALLS:   The SERVANT (model CS) is made from fancy wood stock, has a molded mouthpiece
and hand tuned in a lower tone for more realistic calling.  The metal band is hand engraved with my
hand written signature and the model ID letters.  A new custom model is in the works for the future.
The CENTURIAN (model CC) Is fitted with my new custom milled hardwood mouthpeice sections.
A hand rubbed oil finished with engraved signature.
DOVE CALLS:   The DAISY DOVE (model DD) is a three piece laminated wood Mourning dove call that
is tuned in mid volume and very easy to use.  The air volume chamber provides dead on tone to call
wary birds to your location.  My hand written hand signature is included.
ELK CALLS:  The WAPITI (model WE) cow elk call has a small stippled section located near the barrel
top, made only from selected fancy woods and given and oil rub finish over my engraved signature.
Owl Deer
OWL CALLS:   The BIG HOOT (model BH) is a keg style hooter which has the dead on tonal sound of the
Barred owl.  By covering the tone hole while calling the Great Horned owl can also be called.  This call
is laminated with contrasting colored hardwoods at the end caps, lanyard section and blow tube.  This
style owl call is easy to learn and blow.  High gloss finished with my engraved signature.
DEER CALLS:   The BUCKSKINNER (model DG) is a two piece wooden whitetail deer grunt style call with
vinyl detachable expander sound tube.  This flute style grunt call does it all except wheeze.  Made from
select pieces of hardwoods, oil rub non glare finish over my hand engraved signature.

Logo Hats & T-shirts Call Stands, Bags, & Lanyards
HATS:   Camo “one size fits all” hunting hats come with J. A. Kolter’s duck, goose or turkey fully sewn logo
patches. Available in color combinations of brown/yellow gold, silver gray/black, and forest/grass green.
T-SHIRTS:   Pre-shrunk cotton t-shirts have a large transfer logo on the front and are in Large, XL and XXL
sizes only.  Available in color combinations of forest green on light grass green, Brown on
light beige, and light beige on dark olive.
CALL STANDS:   Available in single duck, goose or flute stands and also in double base for a matched set.
Made from quality hardwoods with contrasting bone colored Corian tops and custom fitting pegs.
CALL BAGS:   Hand sewn double draw string call bags available in multiple sizes for whistles, duck, goose,
and flutes.  A variety of camouflage patterns and velveteen colors are available.
LANYARDS:   High quality single and double lanyards made from braided camouflage nylon cord.  Each
lanyard supplied comes with punched leather washers at loops to protect your calls.
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