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Waterfowl calls ordered from in-stock inventory are normally shipped either on Tuesday or Friday of the week by first class or Priority mail. Allow two to four weeks for delivery on calls that need to be produced from in-stock materials. Special custom orders from out-of-stock inventory materials will be recorded on an order form and completed during my production season from January through March of the following year. At times special custom orders are completed during the summer months. Feel free to call or email me directly to inquire what call models are currently available, special sale prices, or what I have planned in my new year production line. I’ll also be happy to email you call pictures upon your request.

Here is a listing of my base call models showing the standard woods turned yearly for those models which is usually available and in-stock . . . . . . .

MARSH: Hedge, Hophornbeam, Bubinga, Persimmon, Mesquite, and Walnut.
CUSTOM: Bocote, Cocobolo, Goncalo Alves, Morado, Honduran Rosewood and Rambutan.
DOUBLER: Hedge, Bocote, Goncalo Alves and Cocobolo.
LIMITED: D. Ironwood, A. Blackwood, C. Rosewood, C. Ebony and various stabilized woods.
FIELD: Hedge, Hophornbeam, Bubinga, Mesquite, fancy Maple and Walnut.
CLASSIC: Bocote, Cocobolo, Goncalo Alves, and various fancy stabilized woods.
GAVELER: Fancy Maples and Walnut, Hedge, Bubinga and Goncalo Alves.
PIT GUIDE: Cocobolo, African Blackwood, Gaboon Ebony, and various stabilized woods.
WORKMAN: Goncalo Alves, Hedge, Bubinga, fancy Maple and Walnut.
CHAMPION: Cocobolo, Bocote, various stabilized and musical grade woods.
Other performer hardwoods often used yearly are Purpleheart, Bloodwood, Tambootie, Kingwood,
Lignum Vitae, Leadwood, Pink Ivory and several of the fruitwoods.

Collector Grade Calls
SX duck, CX long-reed goose, FX goose flute, and HX short-reed goose

Each year I fashion a handful of unbanded collector grade calls. They have inlaid accents of contrasting colored synthetics or real ivory and capped with like materials. Only the finest select or fancy woods are used in these calls. All engraving is done on the inner hidden portion of the call toneboard. Contact me directly if interested earlier in the year for a price quote.


If interested in placing an order, contact me through my direct email, or by printing out this page, filling out the following lined section and sending it along with your personal check or money order to: J. A. Kolter 3003 Huxley Lane SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

Qty Call Model Name Preferred Wood Species Second Choice of Wood Price
Add $7 shipping and handling for first call and $3 for each additional call ordered:  
Ship what I’ve ordered to:
Name ______________________________
Address _________________________________
City ___________________________ State ________ Zip ___________

Please indicate how I can reach you if I have any questions or need to tell you something regarding your order. Best day or time _______________
Contact phone or email address__________________________
Any special requests regarding your order _____________________________________

If you cannot order by mail or by email feel free to order by phone, call (319) 396-7528. Accepted payments methods are your personal check, a postal money order, your PayPal account to my PayPal account or a PayPal invoice sent to you for using another credit card. PayPal payments are allowed directly into my account by using my direct email address. If you do not have a PayPal account but want to use another credit card you can request that I send you an invoice from PayPal. I will need your email address to send you an invoice and there will be a 3% fee for processing the invoice. Credit card payments cannot be accepted over the phone.

Your best ordering option is through my direct email at jakoltercalls@q.com Communication is made simple, I can send you call pictures for your selection, quickly get your mailing address and discuss a payment method.

3003 Huxley Lane SW - Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404 - (319)396-7528 - Direct email: jakoltercalls@q.com
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