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Founder J. A. “Joe” Kolter
            J. A. Kolter was born in Winona Minnesota and grew up in Prairie du Chien Wisconsin and has lived in 
   Iowa for the past 45 years.  He was introduced to duck hunting in the late 60’s and has been hooked ever since.  
   He began making custom waterfowl calls in his garage back in 1979.  He is now retired and had 
   worked primarily as a self employed contractor and a certified hazard building housing inspector.  
   He enjoys making furniture and wood fishing plugs, cooking and gardening but mostly likes to spend his 
   time fishing and hunting.

            J. A. Kolter spent over 34 years working with hundreds of domestic and foreign hardwoods species to
   find the true performer woods he uses to date.  His custom made calls are crafted one at a time using the 
   finest hand selected and properly seasoned hardwoods and given a high quality finish.  His calls are 
   turned freely on the lathe to form their basic model design shape and can be identified by model and 
   year markings on the recessed part of the tone insert.  They are then engraved on the band or barrel with 
   his personal handwritten signature.
Hunter J. A. “COLD” Kolter
The J. A. Kolter Philosophy
    It is the intent of J. A. Kolter to fit the call to the hunter who desires to successfully work and call in the 
birds.  Therefore, each call is hand tuned to its full level of performance providing full range and having 
its own individual characteristics.  Many call makers from the past and present day strive to duplicate
their calls to sound and perform alike.   J. A. Kolter believes just the opposite, that each hunter has his 
own style of calling, and that no two ducks or geese sound alike.  Therefore he makes every effort NOT
to duplicate calls by the use of production equipment.

    Secondly, more than anything J. A. Kolter feels that hunter education in call care and performance use 
while in the blind, out in the field or on the marsh is critical to overall hunting success.
The J. A. Kolter Warranty
    Any call purchased from J. A. Kolter at full retail price is guaranteed from any defects from materials 
used or workmanship.  First time buyers will receive a lifetime warranty.  J. A. Kolter will give you back 
your original purchased price at any time for a trade on another call of equal value or more.  Better yet, 
he will re-tune or repair this call at any time free of charge.  He insists if you are not totally satisfied, 
you can return any purchased call and he will issue a prompt refund with no questions asked.
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