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“Big Honker” Goose Calls

Field Classic Snow-Spec
FIELD (model HF)   Conventional long reed call that can be blown easily in the field or on the marsh.
   Select domestic hardwoods are used, custom wood toneboard with engraved signature band.
CLASSIC (model HC)   Conventional long reed call tuned for longer distance calling.  Finest domestic and
   foreign hardwoods are used, custom milled toneboard, engraved signature, double grooved band.
SNOW -SPEC (model HS)   Shown left and right is my snow and spec goose calls.  Fully adjustable and
   can be tuned to either model style for multiple light goose calling sounds, engraved band signature.
Gaveler Pit Guide Prover
GAVELER (model HG)   Short reed call with custom milled hardwood toneboard for mid volume calling.
   Select fancy domestic hardwoods are used, gloss finish with engraved brass band signature.
PIT GUIDE (model HP)   Short reed call with molded toneboard and wedge tuned in higher pitch for
   longer distance calling.  High quality domestic and foreign hardwoods with double grooved band.
PROVER (model HX)   An extra fancy short reed call with custom milled acrylic toneboard and
   wedge tuned in a louder volume.  High gloss finish with double grooved band.  No two are alike.
Workman Champion XF Grand
WORKMAN (model FW)   A shorter flute for working geese into your decoys.  Fine domestic or foreign
   hardwoods are used.  Custom milled wood toneboard with shaved reed, engraved signature band.
CHAMPION (model FC)   A longer open water style flute tuned with more volume to bring geese to your
   attention.   Custom milled delrin toneboard and wedge with heavy reed, double grooved brass band.
GRAND (model FX)   An extra fancy flute made from high quality laminated, inlaid or stippled woods
   In contrasting colors or design.  Custom milled acrylic toneboard and wedge.  No two are alike.
Prover HX Short-Reeds Grand FX Flutes
Strippled Matched Set Laminated Matched Set Field Grade Set
Matched Duck & Goose Call Sets

A few matched call sets are produced each year and often available.  Contact me directly on availability
of what may be in-stock.  Matched call sets are individually made with none exactly alike.
3003 Huxley Lane SW - Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404 - (319)396-7528 - Direct email: jakoltercalls@q.com
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