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“Big Suzie” Duck Calls

Marsh Custom Limited
MARSH (model SM)   Low volume timber style hunting call ideal for working birds on light wind days.
   Turned from select pieces of domestic and foreign hardwoods with engraved signature brass band.
CUSTOM (model SC)   Tuned in a mid-volume range for your average day use.  Select domestic and
   foreign hardwoods, gloss finish with engraved barrel signature and double grooved brass band.
LIMITED (model SL)   Higher volume full performance call for windy conditions over open water.
   Made from the finest hardwood species, engraved signature with double grooved brass band.

Special Series Acrylic Doubler
SPECIAL SERIES (model SS)   Special Series calls are tuned in mid to high volume, they can be laminated in
   contrasting colored woods or section stippled.  Engraved signature and double grooved band.
ACRYLIC (model SA)   Tuned in high volume with full range for competition calling.  Hand turned
   and hand polished, inner toneboard engraved signature with double grooved metal band.
DOUBLER (model SD)   My double reed call easy to blow with highball performance.  Turned from
   high quality hardwoods.  Double lined barrel and toneboard with engraved signature band.
Woodie Whistler
WOODIE (model WD)   Short compact two piece wood duck call which blows easily with good volume.
   Choose from three styles shown left to right, solid stippled, solid grooved or stippled laminations.
WHISTLER (model DW)   Available in three styles shown left to right a Drake Mallard with a good mid
   roll, the Teal/Widgeon with a high quick pitch, and a lower toned Pintail.

Custom D2 Limited M2 Limited A1 & A2
CUSTOM D2 (hybrid) Is a modified shorter version of the model with an inner delrin toneboard.
  It offers a quicker response in performance and tuned in the mid range.
LIMITED M2 (micarta) A new version in this model turned from stabilized woods with an inner
  canvas micarta toneboard.  Hand tuned for optimum performance in full range.
ACRYLIC A1 (hybrid) Has a fancy stabilized wood barrel with a full piece acrylic toneboard insert.
  The best of both for open style water calling.
ACRYLIC A2 (hybrid) Has both a fancy stabilized wood barrel and matching insert with an inner acrylic toneboard.
Tuned in full range.

Refuge Migrant Corian Special SX
REFUGE MIGRANT (model RM) This is a limited number made special offered call each yearmade of
  different woods and different designed shapes. They are engraved on the inner back of the
  toneboard by number, model name, year made and my personal signature.
CORIAN (model CL)   A call with the traditional tournament quality of sound provided by Corian.  This call
  is often laminated from contrasting colored pieces, hand turned and polished.
SPECIAL (model SX)   Are my extra fancy calls offered in limited numbers yearly.  These calls can
  be laminated from various materials, stippled, inlaid or have multiple banding.  No two are ever alike.
Paneled SS Stippled SS
Laminated SS SX Bands, Rods, Balls
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