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Welcome to my product business site! I am a custom waterfowl call maker that produces hundreds of reliable duck and goose calls yearly. After almost 37 years my intentions are the same, to make a superior hunting call at a reasonable price. Although the calls I make are for the serious hunter, many call collectors have purchased them for their appearance, workmanship, and quality.

I have a full inventory of duck and goose calls in eighteen different base models with price ranges for selection. I also offer another six hybrid and collector grade models in limited numbers yearly. All my duck calls are made one at a time and hand tuned with full range capability with most single reed Arkansas style, but a double reed is also available. A few competition grade model duck calls are also made each year from composites, acrylics and Corian. My goose calls have my own custom milled gutserts, toneboards and wedges with hand cut reeds. Available are resodent cavity conventional long reed, short reed, snow/blue, specklebelly and flute models. I also usually have a nice selection of wood duck calls and whistles. Duck whistles come in three models with fixed pitch and tone in teal/widgeon, pintail, and mallard drake styles.

J. A. Kolter Custom Game Calls

Special custom duck and goose call orders are taken throughout the year for single and matched call sets. Calls can be personalized by my own hand engraving free of charge. My hybrid models offer the Custom D2, the Limited M2 or Limited A2 and a shorty version Custom model. The Custom D2 has a two piece insert, the barrel and upper portion of the exhaust piece are of the same wood with an inner delrin tone board. The Limited M2 and The A2 also have a two piece insert and are turned from fancy woods used for the barrel and the upper portion of the exhaust. The M2 has a phenolic canvas (Micarta) toneboard; the A2 has an acrylic toneboard and is also available with a full piece acrylic toneboard. I only use my finest stabilized and/or color dyed spalted, curly or burl woods in these calls.

Custom D2 Limited M2 Limited A2
D2 M2 A2

Check out my Other Products page for a full listing of other sportsman game calls that are often available. I have crow and owl hooter locator calls, dove calls, whitetail deer grunt and elk calls. My turkey call section offers a mid-sized laminated box call, a fancy trumpet, two yelper styles, and a custom friction pot call with matching striker. Included for sale are hats and t-shirts with my logo, single or matched set call stands, double draw string call bags, braided nylon lanyards and re-tune kits. Plans are in the works for my custom CC model Centurian crow call in the near future. This new model will provide a true deeper sound of the common crow. It will be custom fitted and tuned with my own special milled hardwood mouthpieces.

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